Friday, September 28, 2012

Smashing Success! The Dellview Concert!

Smashing Success! The Dellview Concert!
On September 21st 2012 Dellview was in celebration of our neighborhood's rich history. Bett Butler and Joel Dilley created a wonderful evening with song, music, stories and a engaging video that was a collaboration between Bett and I in gathering images and stories from the residents.
It took place at St.Marks United Methodist Church and the Art Beat Committee of the Dellview Area Neighborhood Association really worked hard to bring this to its glory!
We filled the house! As you can see from the pictures, many were the elderly neighbors that bought their home in Dellview in the 50's. There were many of Bett and Joel's fans too.
        As artists working together, Bett and I really do well when we set down to do a project. I admire her professionalism and dedication to her craft. It was a lot of work coordinating everything for this big production but the fruits it bore are everlasting. Bett blew the audience away when she honored the first residents that lived through WWII by singing Brother Can You Spare A Dime? Every song they performed they did with their hearts and everyone was captivated. I was the "mistress of the ceremony" and ran the video and slide presentations. I also played a video I did for this event called
Dellview Drive and Joel's music was the soundtrack.
       Maybe this will be the start of honoring other old but not ancient neighborhoods in San Antonio but I really wanted to bring attention to what we have here in Dellview. Obtaining a CAAP Grant from the city of San Antonio Cultural Affairs was not easy but it help defer some of the big expenses of this free concert celebration.  It indeed created a stir and we are continuing the call for more stories and photographs from the past to add to the history documentation of Dellview, a neighborhood consisting of mid century homes and warm hearts.
        The big publicity we received was due to Jim Beal's article in the San Antonio Express News that got everyone's attention....I knew it would having Bett and Joel along!
The concert and the videos will be available on a DVD for members of DANA- Dellview Area Neighborhood Association. Everyone is invited to be a "neighbor" of Dellview. It costs only 12 dollars a year and you will receive our bi-monthly newsletter (which I design btw) in addition to the DVD when it comes out.
As artists, we never sleep and this was one project we all are happy to have accomplished successfully.
The concert was dedicated to the memory of Janice Petmecky, a dear friend and former Board Member of DANA.

SA Express article is located at

Art Exhibit and Benefit for Peace at The Jackson Ranch.

Art Exhibit and Benefit for Peace at The Jackson Ranch.
                               Peace Dove Activity (copyrighted 2012) Acrylic on wood

"When I created this work I was thinking about the atoms and protons that make up our universe but we cannot see. If this harmony is disturbed peace and progress can not take place. So, using my love of color, form and humor, I created a world that is full of activity, representing the cosmic order. I like to think of the Australian Aboriginals that make those colorful and detailed paintings based on their dreams of their ancestors. We only seem to use part of our brains so the other part maybe full of that inner knowledge." Joan Fabian

Several artists have created a Peace Dove, in their own chosen style and medium, to be exhibited both indoors at The Historic Jackson Ranch and outdoors in the ranch Chakra Garden. You can still purchase the the one I did shown above at the benefit sale and proceeds benefit the Roots and Shoots environmental rescue program created by Dr. Jane Goodall This event was created and curated by Patrice Villastrigo, an artist, musician and healer. Please call her for an appointment to view the artwork at the wonderful Jackson Ranch!

The artworks are up until the first week of December!The Jackson Ranch
8910 Callaghan Rd
San Antonio,TX 78230

Contact: Patrice Villastrigo - Event Creator and Curator

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bismarck Studios Opening SA Express News Photo

San Antonio Express News Captures Artist with Patrons at
Bismarck Studios opening July 12th!
by Leland A. Outz / Special to the Express-News

Art to the Power of Ten at the McNay Art Museum

This September 7th I was one of the artists that where featured in
the annual
San Antonio's McNay Art Museum's
Art to the Power of Ten which consists of 10 artists chosen to display their work during a fundraising event for the museum. The artists get to sell there works and donate a work of art to the Museum for the event.  It is a good chance to get people to started on the idea of an personal art collection of their own. I must say that I sound quite a few paintings and made some new collector friends!
Everyone was so nice and encouraging...which is very very stimulating for an artist. It's not too often one gets a chance like this in San Antonio to sell one's artwork to collectors.

All of the artists that were part of this event have given a talk at the McNay in the past and the McNay's Rene Barilleaux, a fantastic person and wonderful curator will choose the work to be donated. You can come to this event! See info below!

2012 Participating Artists

Ricky Armendariz
Estevan Arredondo
Seth Camm
Danville Chadbourne
Margaret Craig
John Dyer
Joan Fabian
Victoria Suescum
Gary Sweeney
Kathleen Trenchard

Summer in the Studio

A Beetle's Beat  18 x 24
 So far this summer of 2012 has been hot but that is nothing new for us folks in San Antonio. It has been, however a bit more rainy than usual. My garden is very lush and only small bits of grass seems to show signs of being burnt by the sun.

In July I had a visitor to my studio-  New Yorker Barbara MacAdam, Deputy Editor of Art NEWS. She liked the work below called Dwell Cluster.  I had decided to arrange these works together, like a fitted puzzle block and it has the feel of a circuit board. Diane Barber,  Houston based curator that tagged along said that I should do a whole wall of them. I would like too someday but need somewhere with space to do it-kinda like a mural. I don't know if it is a common thing for curators to gang together when visiting studios but I think it's kinda like tricker treaters during Halloween....give me something good to see.....Well they see now that I am a serious painter and my work is very much about color. Diane really liked my cat Tinka and took some photos of her. I guess she is due to have a show sometime soon.
Regardless, it was fun and nice to get feedback from these ladies and I hope they had a good time drinking the wine I served. The wine by the way is the best selling table wine in France!
Dwell Cluster   approx. 5' x 3'

I have been very productive in the studio this summer...well most summers I am as all year round. 
Hadrian's Lamp  18 x 24 (inspired by a trip to Rome)

Ear Noise 18 x 24

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fabian organizing Dellview Event!

The Dellview Concert:A Journey through Time explores the mid century neighborhood of Dellview in San Antonio Texas. The concert will be performed by Bett Butler and Joel Dilley and feature images and artwork along with story telling to create a fabric of experience that Dellview has produced to honor this area in the heart of San Antonio.

Bett Butler and Joel Dilley are fantastic jazz performers and songwriters (Bett plays the piano and does vocals; Joel is plays acoustic bass). They recently received an Artist Foundation Grant and are always in their studio producing theirs or others music for all to enjoy. (see below for info on them)

I am honored to know them and when DANA (Dellview Area Neighborhood Association) needed to jump start their efforts for arts in the community we applied for a CAAP Grant from the City of San Antonio to match our funds-I knew Bett Butler and Joel Dilley were the ticket! I love working with them and they are a professional and generous artistic team, making everyone feel part of the big picture with their music and song. My artwork will also be featured in the display of images during the concert because I am a Dellview resident, living there since 1998, five years after I moved to San Antonio from Chicago.

The concert will be performed at the St.Mark's United Methodist Church, 1902 Vance Jackson,  San Antonio TX 78213 at 7pm. If you need further information please contact me at  If you have any Dellview memories or photos send them my way too.
Thanks to all you generous folks that have already sent me your images from the past and/or present. Our visuals are looking very good! Best of all, the concert will be free and open to the public to experience!!!!

More info at:

Dellview area is inside 410 Vance Jackson from I-10 to West Avenue.

About Bett Butler & Joël Dilley

Everywhere jazz



Their backgrounds couldn't have been more different. Bett Butler grew up in relative ease, her early musical experiences confined to church, school, and talent shows; while by age fourteen, Joël Dilley had endured great loss and was already touring to support his family as a professional musician. They met in San Antonio, when the fledgling jazz singer finally got up the courage to contact the first-call bassist for a gig. Their shared passion for music spilled over into the personal realm, and they married and built a recording studio and indie co-op record label, Dragon Lady Records. Along the way, Dilley toured internationally and played with Willie Nelson, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Arturo Sandoval, Richie Cole, Russian classical/jazz pianist Valery Grokhovsky, and regional symphony orchestras. He was a featured guest bassist on Public Radio International's "Whad'Ya Know," a featured composer on Texas Public Radio's "Classical Spotlight," and a featured soloist on Gemini Ink's "Writers Respond to Art" series at the San Antonio Museum of Art. Compositions from his three critically-acclaimed CDs have been licensed for broadcast and commercial use worldwide, including tracks on HBO, the Food Network, and the Travel Channel. He produced Butler's first album of original music, which won a "recommended" rating from All Music Guide; and her second, which won a performance grant from the San Antonio Artist Foundation and included “When Love Has Left the Room," first place winner in the Jazz category of the 2006 International Songwriting Competition out of over 10,000 entries worldwide. Butler has also been included in the San Antonio Business Journal's annual list of "Women of Influence in the Arts," chosen by the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs for artist development training by the Creative Capital Foundation, and featured as the OCA's artist of the month. Earlier this year, she was the inaugural recipient of the Texas Music Coalition's Fred Weiss Memorial Grant for professional development.

Bett Butler and Joël Dilley are the core of a variety of successful shows and ensembles:

THE ART OF THE DUET, with Butler on piano/vocals and Dilley on acoustic bass, performs rhythmic original world music and standards in intimate settings, often with surprising bass/vocal duets.

THE CHAMBER JAZZ TRIO adds another contrapuntal voice with flugelhorn player Cecil R. Carter or violinist Jonathan Raveneau.

TRIO AZUL pairs the duo with opera-trained Mexico City-born vocalist Azul Barrientos, giving fresh voice to traditional Latin, folk, and gypsy music.

THE NEW WORLD ENSEMBLE ranges from four to eight players and features original world fusion with vocalist Azul on guitar and jarana, violinist Raveneau, drums, horns, and percussion.

GENIUSES OF THE AMERICAN MUSICAL THEATRE features Butler in a series of hour-long performance/lectures with author Dr. Herb Keyser on the lives and music of the composers and lyricists who authored the Great American Songbook.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Side Arts

Side Arts did a nice little review on two of my older works that are currently showing at the Philadelphia Foundation Community Art Gallery in the Art Ability Exhibition.
See link:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Joan Fabian in Austin for the West Austin Art Tour

It was an interesting weekend last week during the exhibition of mine at Access Gallery  and West Austin Studio Tour Saturday and Sunday! I was there both days and thanks to everyone who turned up. I got to hang with many cool people like April Sullivan and her hubbie Milton who played his guitar with Mike Warpenburg! Micro-Phobic got to jam with them in the gallery on Sunday! Carol Stenuard had us over for a cool party and Celia Hughes the director of VSA Texas brought all kinds of goodies and wine over to go with the yummy pizza Carol made.
Milton wants a Fabian micro-chip where one can become a clone of me and whip out cool paintings just like me!!! Leave it to him to come up with such cutting edge technology!
Here are some pics of my exhibition. April did a great job hanging it as always!

Love you guys!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Culture by Color at Access Gallery Austin April 30th to May 25, 2012

It's open now! My exhibition, Culture by Color is showing at Access Gallery in Austin and I will be there for the West Austin Studio Art Tour May 19 & 20th 11 to 5pm.
Gallery located at 3701 Guadalupe.
See you there!
info at

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Animation Video of the Paintings in Culture by Color

Here is a combo of the eight paintings I have done digitally so far.
Here you can see the process and how they came about.
Some are faster in the making than others.
Thanks for viewing!

Joan Fabian

Joan Fabian

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dutch Humor and that blue and white obsession. Painting number 8.

In this painting I wanted to capture the Dutch love of humor and cartoons. There are so many different comic books and animations that are abundant in the Netherlands. I also kept at the Dutch obsession with that traditional blue and white scheme taken from another three photographs while in Delft.
I enjoy the energy and wild painterly qualities along with the graffiti-like presence.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Old and the New in Delft: The Color Experience Continues

Here is the animation of the painting process for Digital Painting #7 and the source photographs for it.
The top photo is of a Gypsy couple playing music in the quaint old city of Delft while a police woman approaches them to tell get them to move along.
In the middle photo there is a couple outside the Poptahof building I worked in. They were in the process of throwing possessions out while they moved a little at a time by using their small car.
The bottom photo is of viewers taking in the Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian in The Hague.

Need help with pledging!

Now is the time to pledge to my USA Project Culture by Color since if I reach the $1,000 mark I will have any pledge matched through Consider helping me out with a $25 dollar pledge and I will be 2x that closer to my goal!!! I am 10 percent funded and need your help to make this all happen. Remember, you get great art prints or paintings for your pledge of $50 or more!

To pledge please go to

Here is the the 7th digital painting
I think this one captures the traditional Dutch color combination of Delftware along with the new local color I experienced during my stay there in 2009.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voorhorf-District in Delft with the new housing.


As you can see we have the new housing in place of the old ones in Poptahof  Zuid.
which is in the district of Voorhof. It is a very densely-populated district with many flats situated between a number of main roads. There are almost 7,000 homes.
The densely-populated district was built according to modern city planning principles, with a lot of green space and buildings of various heights.
There are around 12,500 residents in Voorhof, around 9,8000 residents per square kilometre, which is twice the Delft average. Because of the many different cultures Voorhof is a lively and colourful district. It has many shops, in particular the shopping centre In de Hoven. Every Tuesday there is an open-air market in the car park next to the shopping centre.



Accessibility is excellent and the district is served by buses and trams.
The district scores moderately in terms of safety. Three-quarters of the residents feel safe in Voorhof. This is lower than the Delft average. Many seniors choose to stay indoors in the evenings. The most common type of crime is vandalism, theft and breaking into cars.

For more information on Delft in general and aspects of life there visit:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delft-Where we lived has been demolished.

In December 2009 I lived in this apartment as an artist in residence- part of the id11 Flatlands Foundation. Here is a video of it being demolished. The area is being upgraded and everyone had to move to make way for fancy new dwellings. During my time there I experience a wonderful Christmas with my husband John and the other artists that worked at the residency too. It was then that Delft experienced a big snow storm. It snowed so much that every train stopped and everyone started playing in the snow. A white Christmas is very special to me since I live in warm and sunny San Antonio.
I will never forget Poptahof and my time there.
But I have my USA Artist Project and I have been utilizing the images during my stay in Delft so the paintings created from them will have captured the "essence" of that place.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digital Painting Number Six-Taken from graffiti in Poptahof

This digital painting is number six of the Culture by Color Mapping Digital Painting Project currently on USA Projects and raising funds.
I utilized some of the images I had collected of the colorful graffiti that was all over Poptahof and the old city of Delft. The paper billets on the wall added some more colors to the palette as seen on the left along with the others. There was a long underpass that connected the neighborhood of Poptahof to the old city of Delft (the quaint and picturesque one). I once spotted an art appreciation bus where people got off the bus to admire the underpass with all its graffiti in top form. I noted also that the graffiti changed very rapidly and was never the same, sometimes during the same day when I walked to town and back I noted changes.
It really is all about mark making and getting noticed. I think it also gave color to an otherwise grey cityscape.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

USA Projects Fundraising and Creation Process

I have 10 percent of my fundraising goal on USA Artist Projects! So far I have been working diligently on these digital creations I set out to create. I have had some inquiries on how I did the animation that shows the process and actually I take a screen shot of almost each step and then make an iMovie out of the pictures.

This process of painting is different than actually using pigment! Really!!! I have some options that I don't have with the pigment painting that I have with the digital. Besides the Pantone color code, the colors I pick can be shut off from view and replaced quite easily with a click! In the pigment process I have to do many layers over the color I wish to replace so it is more time consuming and not immediate. I also use the cut and paste option to quickly reproduce strokes in many combinations (rotations and reflect). I know this must be voodoo for folks that don't use Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator software but you can imagine how "clean" it all works compared to pigment painting.

I still enjoy the pigment painting, the smell of the paint and my group of old friends (the paint I have in stock).  I also like the fact that each time I work on a painting (over a period of time before it's finished) I start a different application of paint. Never the same exact imprint of my mark-making. That I love. I love it that every square I paint will always be somewhat different. This is lost in the digital realm but I do have a selection of brushes I choose from, but if you look closely you can tell the reproduction of these brush strokes. It sure makes you appreciate our human and not machine touch.

I hope everyone enjoys viewing the animations as much as I like creating them.  Please tell your friends about what I am doing and hopefully I can meet my fund goal by April 10th!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Digital Painting created for Culture by Color Project

I just completed the first digital painting of the project I have posted on
USA Projects called Culture by Color.  This painting will be transferred digitally to canvas if I obtain funds to do so. It will measure about 36 x 36" in size. Watch the short video to see how I did it since I captured some of the steps along the way!
Please visit the website to see my project at

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My USA Artists Project: Culture by Color A Mapping Painting Series needs your help!

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to participate in a new online community of America’s finest artists called USA Projects (, created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists.

Together we can join as pioneer members!

USA Projects is still in a “Beta” stage in which a few artists have been selected to participate. You can join this community and help it grow! My Profile and Showcase
are already up, and I’ve just launched a new project called.

Check it out here:

This project I am doing needs funds to produce a series of digital paintings to be shown at  Access Gallery in Austin, TX. I did the research and now I need to produce. Can you help me? Want to feel good helping an artist and letting me be a mentor for other artists with a disability. 

Your donation, no matter how large or small is tax deductible.

I have some great perks available for anyone that’s interested in supporting me in this effort, and if you can’t support the project financially, I’d love it if you helped to spread the word and tell your friends about it.

Come explore a new online community of America’s finest artists!

USA Projects is a community where America’s finest artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (of any size, all of which are tax deductible) to new projects created by each artist. This is the first website in our knowledge that allows direct public donations between art patrons and accredited artists on the Internet.

Thank you for your support and interest,

Best regards,

Joan Fabian

Monday, February 6, 2012

Project soon to be posted on USA Projects

I just finished videoing and writing a project on This project is called
Culture By Color: A Mapping Painting Series. USA Projects allows anyone to donate to a project posted by award winning artists. I hope you will visit my page and read all about my project. It will be going live on February 7, 2012.
In this project I am asking for funds to allow me to complete a series of digital paintings from photographs taken when I was in an artist residency in Delft, Holland in 2009.  The final work will be shown at VSA Arts Texas, Access Gallery in Austin, TX in April / May 2012.  There are many perks that you can get for donating. Starting donations at a dollar add up to help me complete this goal.

Hope you can help me out. Thank you!!!!
Visit me @

Art work in City Hall, San Antonio (PASA)

Last year I had my two large works on vinyl accepted into the Public Art San Antonio (PASA) Program....and will be hanging in San Antonio City Hall for 2012. I went down last week to take a peak and got these great shots (Kudos to photographer Leonard Ziegler).
Snake Dance, acrylic/latex on vinyl is located in the waiting area of the Comptroller and System of Things II, also acrylic/latex on vinyl  is in a conference room nearby. Someone noted that the embroidery on my jeans seem to compliment the painting I am sitting next too. Leave it to me to remember to wear those colorful jeans when being photographed with my work!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The year is here! Gonna be great?

During the Christmas holidays I finished the facing wall in my studio and painted it. Now it really looks great. I also cleaned the place big time. Frances Colpitt, the art professor and critic editor for Art in America came the Tuesday before Christmas to see my new paintings. She is the curator for the CAM 2012 this March in San Antonio. It was a quiet holiday otherwise but then again I like it like that.

I am in the process of writing a project proposal for USAprojects. It would be great to get funding to complete what I started at my last artist residency in Delft 2009. The real deal would be to get these digital paintings going and on canvas!

Pictures of my studio soon to be posted!

Happy New Year to you all!