Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digital Painting Number Six-Taken from graffiti in Poptahof

This digital painting is number six of the Culture by Color Mapping Digital Painting Project currently on USA Projects and raising funds.
I utilized some of the images I had collected of the colorful graffiti that was all over Poptahof and the old city of Delft. The paper billets on the wall added some more colors to the palette as seen on the left along with the others. There was a long underpass that connected the neighborhood of Poptahof to the old city of Delft (the quaint and picturesque one). I once spotted an art appreciation bus where people got off the bus to admire the underpass with all its graffiti in top form. I noted also that the graffiti changed very rapidly and was never the same, sometimes during the same day when I walked to town and back I noted changes.
It really is all about mark making and getting noticed. I think it also gave color to an otherwise grey cityscape.

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