Wednesday, February 29, 2012

USA Projects Fundraising and Creation Process

I have 10 percent of my fundraising goal on USA Artist Projects! So far I have been working diligently on these digital creations I set out to create. I have had some inquiries on how I did the animation that shows the process and actually I take a screen shot of almost each step and then make an iMovie out of the pictures.

This process of painting is different than actually using pigment! Really!!! I have some options that I don't have with the pigment painting that I have with the digital. Besides the Pantone color code, the colors I pick can be shut off from view and replaced quite easily with a click! In the pigment process I have to do many layers over the color I wish to replace so it is more time consuming and not immediate. I also use the cut and paste option to quickly reproduce strokes in many combinations (rotations and reflect). I know this must be voodoo for folks that don't use Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator software but you can imagine how "clean" it all works compared to pigment painting.

I still enjoy the pigment painting, the smell of the paint and my group of old friends (the paint I have in stock).  I also like the fact that each time I work on a painting (over a period of time before it's finished) I start a different application of paint. Never the same exact imprint of my mark-making. That I love. I love it that every square I paint will always be somewhat different. This is lost in the digital realm but I do have a selection of brushes I choose from, but if you look closely you can tell the reproduction of these brush strokes. It sure makes you appreciate our human and not machine touch.

I hope everyone enjoys viewing the animations as much as I like creating them.  Please tell your friends about what I am doing and hopefully I can meet my fund goal by April 10th!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Digital Painting created for Culture by Color Project

I just completed the first digital painting of the project I have posted on
USA Projects called Culture by Color.  This painting will be transferred digitally to canvas if I obtain funds to do so. It will measure about 36 x 36" in size. Watch the short video to see how I did it since I captured some of the steps along the way!
Please visit the website to see my project at

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My USA Artists Project: Culture by Color A Mapping Painting Series needs your help!

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to participate in a new online community of America’s finest artists called USA Projects (, created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists.

Together we can join as pioneer members!

USA Projects is still in a “Beta” stage in which a few artists have been selected to participate. You can join this community and help it grow! My Profile and Showcase
are already up, and I’ve just launched a new project called.

Check it out here:

This project I am doing needs funds to produce a series of digital paintings to be shown at  Access Gallery in Austin, TX. I did the research and now I need to produce. Can you help me? Want to feel good helping an artist and letting me be a mentor for other artists with a disability. 

Your donation, no matter how large or small is tax deductible.

I have some great perks available for anyone that’s interested in supporting me in this effort, and if you can’t support the project financially, I’d love it if you helped to spread the word and tell your friends about it.

Come explore a new online community of America’s finest artists!

USA Projects is a community where America’s finest artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (of any size, all of which are tax deductible) to new projects created by each artist. This is the first website in our knowledge that allows direct public donations between art patrons and accredited artists on the Internet.

Thank you for your support and interest,

Best regards,

Joan Fabian

Monday, February 6, 2012

Project soon to be posted on USA Projects

I just finished videoing and writing a project on This project is called
Culture By Color: A Mapping Painting Series. USA Projects allows anyone to donate to a project posted by award winning artists. I hope you will visit my page and read all about my project. It will be going live on February 7, 2012.
In this project I am asking for funds to allow me to complete a series of digital paintings from photographs taken when I was in an artist residency in Delft, Holland in 2009.  The final work will be shown at VSA Arts Texas, Access Gallery in Austin, TX in April / May 2012.  There are many perks that you can get for donating. Starting donations at a dollar add up to help me complete this goal.

Hope you can help me out. Thank you!!!!
Visit me @

Art work in City Hall, San Antonio (PASA)

Last year I had my two large works on vinyl accepted into the Public Art San Antonio (PASA) Program....and will be hanging in San Antonio City Hall for 2012. I went down last week to take a peak and got these great shots (Kudos to photographer Leonard Ziegler).
Snake Dance, acrylic/latex on vinyl is located in the waiting area of the Comptroller and System of Things II, also acrylic/latex on vinyl  is in a conference room nearby. Someone noted that the embroidery on my jeans seem to compliment the painting I am sitting next too. Leave it to me to remember to wear those colorful jeans when being photographed with my work!!!