Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bismarck Studios Opening SA Express News Photo

San Antonio Express News Captures Artist with Patrons at
Bismarck Studios opening July 12th!
by Leland A. Outz / Special to the Express-News

Art to the Power of Ten at the McNay Art Museum

This September 7th I was one of the artists that where featured in
the annual
San Antonio's McNay Art Museum's
Art to the Power of Ten which consists of 10 artists chosen to display their work during a fundraising event for the museum. The artists get to sell there works and donate a work of art to the Museum for the event.  It is a good chance to get people to started on the idea of an personal art collection of their own. I must say that I sound quite a few paintings and made some new collector friends!
Everyone was so nice and encouraging...which is very very stimulating for an artist. It's not too often one gets a chance like this in San Antonio to sell one's artwork to collectors.

All of the artists that were part of this event have given a talk at the McNay in the past and the McNay's Rene Barilleaux, a fantastic person and wonderful curator will choose the work to be donated. You can come to this event! See info below!

2012 Participating Artists

Ricky Armendariz
Estevan Arredondo
Seth Camm
Danville Chadbourne
Margaret Craig
John Dyer
Joan Fabian
Victoria Suescum
Gary Sweeney
Kathleen Trenchard

Summer in the Studio

A Beetle's Beat  18 x 24
 So far this summer of 2012 has been hot but that is nothing new for us folks in San Antonio. It has been, however a bit more rainy than usual. My garden is very lush and only small bits of grass seems to show signs of being burnt by the sun.

In July I had a visitor to my studio-  New Yorker Barbara MacAdam, Deputy Editor of Art NEWS. She liked the work below called Dwell Cluster.  I had decided to arrange these works together, like a fitted puzzle block and it has the feel of a circuit board. Diane Barber,  Houston based curator that tagged along said that I should do a whole wall of them. I would like too someday but need somewhere with space to do it-kinda like a mural. I don't know if it is a common thing for curators to gang together when visiting studios but I think it's kinda like tricker treaters during Halloween....give me something good to see.....Well they see now that I am a serious painter and my work is very much about color. Diane really liked my cat Tinka and took some photos of her. I guess she is due to have a show sometime soon.
Regardless, it was fun and nice to get feedback from these ladies and I hope they had a good time drinking the wine I served. The wine by the way is the best selling table wine in France!
Dwell Cluster   approx. 5' x 3'

I have been very productive in the studio this summer...well most summers I am as all year round. 
Hadrian's Lamp  18 x 24 (inspired by a trip to Rome)

Ear Noise 18 x 24