Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer in the Studio

A Beetle's Beat  18 x 24
 So far this summer of 2012 has been hot but that is nothing new for us folks in San Antonio. It has been, however a bit more rainy than usual. My garden is very lush and only small bits of grass seems to show signs of being burnt by the sun.

In July I had a visitor to my studio-  New Yorker Barbara MacAdam, Deputy Editor of Art NEWS. She liked the work below called Dwell Cluster.  I had decided to arrange these works together, like a fitted puzzle block and it has the feel of a circuit board. Diane Barber,  Houston based curator that tagged along said that I should do a whole wall of them. I would like too someday but need somewhere with space to do it-kinda like a mural. I don't know if it is a common thing for curators to gang together when visiting studios but I think it's kinda like tricker treaters during Halloween....give me something good to see.....Well they see now that I am a serious painter and my work is very much about color. Diane really liked my cat Tinka and took some photos of her. I guess she is due to have a show sometime soon.
Regardless, it was fun and nice to get feedback from these ladies and I hope they had a good time drinking the wine I served. The wine by the way is the best selling table wine in France!
Dwell Cluster   approx. 5' x 3'

I have been very productive in the studio this summer...well most summers I am as all year round. 
Hadrian's Lamp  18 x 24 (inspired by a trip to Rome)

Ear Noise 18 x 24

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