Thursday, March 29, 2012

Animation Video of the Paintings in Culture by Color

Here is a combo of the eight paintings I have done digitally so far.
Here you can see the process and how they came about.
Some are faster in the making than others.
Thanks for viewing!

Joan Fabian

Joan Fabian

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dutch Humor and that blue and white obsession. Painting number 8.

In this painting I wanted to capture the Dutch love of humor and cartoons. There are so many different comic books and animations that are abundant in the Netherlands. I also kept at the Dutch obsession with that traditional blue and white scheme taken from another three photographs while in Delft.
I enjoy the energy and wild painterly qualities along with the graffiti-like presence.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Old and the New in Delft: The Color Experience Continues

Here is the animation of the painting process for Digital Painting #7 and the source photographs for it.
The top photo is of a Gypsy couple playing music in the quaint old city of Delft while a police woman approaches them to tell get them to move along.
In the middle photo there is a couple outside the Poptahof building I worked in. They were in the process of throwing possessions out while they moved a little at a time by using their small car.
The bottom photo is of viewers taking in the Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian in The Hague.

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Here is the the 7th digital painting
I think this one captures the traditional Dutch color combination of Delftware along with the new local color I experienced during my stay there in 2009.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voorhorf-District in Delft with the new housing.


As you can see we have the new housing in place of the old ones in Poptahof  Zuid.
which is in the district of Voorhof. It is a very densely-populated district with many flats situated between a number of main roads. There are almost 7,000 homes.
The densely-populated district was built according to modern city planning principles, with a lot of green space and buildings of various heights.
There are around 12,500 residents in Voorhof, around 9,8000 residents per square kilometre, which is twice the Delft average. Because of the many different cultures Voorhof is a lively and colourful district. It has many shops, in particular the shopping centre In de Hoven. Every Tuesday there is an open-air market in the car park next to the shopping centre.



Accessibility is excellent and the district is served by buses and trams.
The district scores moderately in terms of safety. Three-quarters of the residents feel safe in Voorhof. This is lower than the Delft average. Many seniors choose to stay indoors in the evenings. The most common type of crime is vandalism, theft and breaking into cars.

For more information on Delft in general and aspects of life there visit:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delft-Where we lived has been demolished.

In December 2009 I lived in this apartment as an artist in residence- part of the id11 Flatlands Foundation. Here is a video of it being demolished. The area is being upgraded and everyone had to move to make way for fancy new dwellings. During my time there I experience a wonderful Christmas with my husband John and the other artists that worked at the residency too. It was then that Delft experienced a big snow storm. It snowed so much that every train stopped and everyone started playing in the snow. A white Christmas is very special to me since I live in warm and sunny San Antonio.
I will never forget Poptahof and my time there.
But I have my USA Artist Project and I have been utilizing the images during my stay in Delft so the paintings created from them will have captured the "essence" of that place.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digital Painting Number Six-Taken from graffiti in Poptahof

This digital painting is number six of the Culture by Color Mapping Digital Painting Project currently on USA Projects and raising funds.
I utilized some of the images I had collected of the colorful graffiti that was all over Poptahof and the old city of Delft. The paper billets on the wall added some more colors to the palette as seen on the left along with the others. There was a long underpass that connected the neighborhood of Poptahof to the old city of Delft (the quaint and picturesque one). I once spotted an art appreciation bus where people got off the bus to admire the underpass with all its graffiti in top form. I noted also that the graffiti changed very rapidly and was never the same, sometimes during the same day when I walked to town and back I noted changes.
It really is all about mark making and getting noticed. I think it also gave color to an otherwise grey cityscape.