Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delft-Where we lived has been demolished.

In December 2009 I lived in this apartment as an artist in residence- part of the id11 Flatlands Foundation. Here is a video of it being demolished. The area is being upgraded and everyone had to move to make way for fancy new dwellings. During my time there I experience a wonderful Christmas with my husband John and the other artists that worked at the residency too. It was then that Delft experienced a big snow storm. It snowed so much that every train stopped and everyone started playing in the snow. A white Christmas is very special to me since I live in warm and sunny San Antonio.
I will never forget Poptahof and my time there.
But I have my USA Artist Project and I have been utilizing the images during my stay in Delft so the paintings created from them will have captured the "essence" of that place.

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