Wednesday, February 29, 2012

USA Projects Fundraising and Creation Process

I have 10 percent of my fundraising goal on USA Artist Projects! So far I have been working diligently on these digital creations I set out to create. I have had some inquiries on how I did the animation that shows the process and actually I take a screen shot of almost each step and then make an iMovie out of the pictures.

This process of painting is different than actually using pigment! Really!!! I have some options that I don't have with the pigment painting that I have with the digital. Besides the Pantone color code, the colors I pick can be shut off from view and replaced quite easily with a click! In the pigment process I have to do many layers over the color I wish to replace so it is more time consuming and not immediate. I also use the cut and paste option to quickly reproduce strokes in many combinations (rotations and reflect). I know this must be voodoo for folks that don't use Adobe Creative Suite Illustrator software but you can imagine how "clean" it all works compared to pigment painting.

I still enjoy the pigment painting, the smell of the paint and my group of old friends (the paint I have in stock).  I also like the fact that each time I work on a painting (over a period of time before it's finished) I start a different application of paint. Never the same exact imprint of my mark-making. That I love. I love it that every square I paint will always be somewhat different. This is lost in the digital realm but I do have a selection of brushes I choose from, but if you look closely you can tell the reproduction of these brush strokes. It sure makes you appreciate our human and not machine touch.

I hope everyone enjoys viewing the animations as much as I like creating them.  Please tell your friends about what I am doing and hopefully I can meet my fund goal by April 10th!!!

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