Friday, September 28, 2012

Art Exhibit and Benefit for Peace at The Jackson Ranch.

Art Exhibit and Benefit for Peace at The Jackson Ranch.
                               Peace Dove Activity (copyrighted 2012) Acrylic on wood

"When I created this work I was thinking about the atoms and protons that make up our universe but we cannot see. If this harmony is disturbed peace and progress can not take place. So, using my love of color, form and humor, I created a world that is full of activity, representing the cosmic order. I like to think of the Australian Aboriginals that make those colorful and detailed paintings based on their dreams of their ancestors. We only seem to use part of our brains so the other part maybe full of that inner knowledge." Joan Fabian

Several artists have created a Peace Dove, in their own chosen style and medium, to be exhibited both indoors at The Historic Jackson Ranch and outdoors in the ranch Chakra Garden. You can still purchase the the one I did shown above at the benefit sale and proceeds benefit the Roots and Shoots environmental rescue program created by Dr. Jane Goodall This event was created and curated by Patrice Villastrigo, an artist, musician and healer. Please call her for an appointment to view the artwork at the wonderful Jackson Ranch!

The artworks are up until the first week of December!The Jackson Ranch
8910 Callaghan Rd
San Antonio,TX 78230

Contact: Patrice Villastrigo - Event Creator and Curator

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