Friday, May 25, 2012

Joan Fabian in Austin for the West Austin Art Tour

It was an interesting weekend last week during the exhibition of mine at Access Gallery  and West Austin Studio Tour Saturday and Sunday! I was there both days and thanks to everyone who turned up. I got to hang with many cool people like April Sullivan and her hubbie Milton who played his guitar with Mike Warpenburg! Micro-Phobic got to jam with them in the gallery on Sunday! Carol Stenuard had us over for a cool party and Celia Hughes the director of VSA Texas brought all kinds of goodies and wine over to go with the yummy pizza Carol made.
Milton wants a Fabian micro-chip where one can become a clone of me and whip out cool paintings just like me!!! Leave it to him to come up with such cutting edge technology!
Here are some pics of my exhibition. April did a great job hanging it as always!

Love you guys!

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